Sojourn Theatre’s newest devised work in development, Don’t Go: a three act journey of shared tasks, intimate exchanges, difficult conversations, a staged eruption of an epic story...and a final coming together. 

Blurring the borders between theatre and civic participation, conflict as a resource in our fleeting and long-term relationships, which, when activated strategically, can provide depth and complexity.

In a time when conflict has been weaponized to divide political parties, families, neighbors, and friends, Don’t Go seats us in the fun of the fight. It sparks authentic dialogue through shared tasks: decorating a cake or waltzing, while simultaneously discussing differing opinions about religion, sharing reasons for voting in the last election, or naming their seemingly disparate identities, all in front of an audience.

In a time of hyper-polarization, what tools can we imagine, what practice can we host to explore the revolutionary act of staying in community, even, perhaps especially, across difference?