HOME is a large-scale performance project that revolves around the life-cycle of a house. Created through a mix of illusion, choreography, construction and live documentary, HOME illuminates the messiness of life that transforms a house into a home. HOME aims to awaken us to the current landscape of housing. The universal and timely themes of gentrification and migration are rendered in the choreography of ordinary people inhabiting and leaving a structure.


Created by Geoff Sobelle • Scenic Design by Steven Dufala • Directed by Lee Sunday Evans • Original Songs by Elvis Perkins • Produced by Beth Morrison Projects

REASON TO SEE IT: HOME is unlike any “theater” performance you have seen. Magically a home and families’ lives appear and pass before your eyes in a beautiful, joyous, emotional sweep, and just as suddenly, they are gone.

Sponsored by Rojon and Jay Hasker


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