Critical Error- Maroon and Gold Band & Wind Symphony

The Maroon and Gold Band and Wind Symphony finish the year with a celebration of our graduating students. Join us for this last performance of the season for ASU Wind Bands.

“Critical Error” by Jaxon Castro


Maroon and Gold Band

James Hudson, Kevin Joseph and Theresa Hoover conductors


“Melodious Thunk” by David Biedenbender

“Symphonic Overture” by Charles Carter

“The Little Ripper March” by David Stanhope

“Beneath the Canopy” by Cait Nishimura

“Blessed are they” by Johannes Brahms


Wind Symphony

Jamal Duncan and Kevin Joseph conductors


“Halcyon Hearts” by Katahj Copley

“Stillwater” by Kelijah Dunton

“Critical Error” by Jaxon Castro

“Hands Across the Sea” by J.P. Sousa