Galleries at ASU Gammage


The art isn't just on stage - it’s in our lobby galleries, too.

Throughout the season, ASU Gammage exhibits visual arts in its three lobby galleries.

Viewing Hours
Monday: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment by calling 480.965.6912 or 480.965.0458.

Closed weekends and evenings.

Please note: It is advisable to call the day of attendance to ensure viewing hours since they are subject to cancellation without notice due to rehearsals, event set-up, performances, special events and holidays.  

Visitor parking is available at parking meters around the perimeter of ASU Gammage.  

East Lobby Doors – Box Office Location. Please ask for assistance at the Box Office when you arrive.

Current Exhibition

Rachel Srinivasan, Nicolas Rascona and Stacy Holmstedt

The exhibit will run from March 28 through Aug. 12.

Due to rehearsals, event set-up, performances, special events and holidays, it is advised to call 480-965-6912 or 480-965-0458 to ensure viewing hours, since they are subject to cancellation without notice.

About Rachel Srinivasan
Rachel Srinivasan was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She began drawing by incessantly scribbling on paper as a one year old. She continued to scribble until she could color between the lines and grew callouses on her fingers. Most of her formative years were spent in Omaha, Nebraska. She discovered her love of figurative art before high school and studied at the Bemis Fine
Art Center.  
While in high school, she attended the Marie Walsh Sharpe camp, a very prestigious summer art program created by the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado. At this time she was painting mostly in acrylics. As a teenager Rachel traveled abroad for a high school AFS program in Rome and was immersed in Italian art and language. She was also introduced to oil paint by her Italian host mother. Upon returning to the US, she attended ASU and earned a Bachelors of Art in Painting and a Bachelors of Language Arts in Italian.  
While attending ASU, Rachel was awarded the Scult Scholarship from the Scult Family and the Phoenix Art Museum. She lives in Tempe with her family, and travels to India to visit her in-laws. She sells her paintings to collectors around the world and shows her work across the US.  

About Nicolas Rascona
Nicolas Rascona makes work inspired by the nature of humans, and the nature of our planet after looking closely at the complex relationships we share with our environment. He welds together structures out of steel and paint plant life on the surfaces with oils. By merging these two worlds of material, he imagines works where human impact weaves into the folds of nature, in other manipulations, he documents disruption and destruction. Observing the natural world, and the human experience within he creates work which explores the spaces we occupy and he experiments with forms, forces, and compositions. Looking deep into the implications of human-impact on our environment and climate change around the world, he sorts his way through the thick of it, and creates work to create conversations  

About Stacy Holmstedt
Stacy Holmstedt has been creating since the age of 3. Her work includes paintings, drawings, comics, mosaics and sculpture. She resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband and dogs. She won the “Director’s Award” in 2016 and has been showcased at the Arizona State Fair and at the fifth annual “Big Gay Art Show.”

Tiger Mosaic - Stacy Holmstedt